Welcome To Out of the Rut

Jane Butler of Out of the Rut is a Life Coach, Personal Coach, Business Facilitator and catalyst for change. Or, to put it plainly, she gets your life back on track!

In her own words, Jane explains what she does:

I am here to help when you find yourself at a crossroads, facing a dilemma (either as an individual or as a couple), or if you're in need of clarity about decision-making in your business or personal life.

I can help you and your partner reconnect or strengthen your relationship for the future. I can help you, as an individual, work out just what it is you want out of life and how to achieve that.

Business leaders: I am an independent facilitator who can help you examine and resolve work-related dilemmas.

I use practical, down-to-earth tools that you can take away and use, at home and at work.

We work together to define your core values, creating a reference point to work from when you feel uncertain about an issue. Decision-making thus becomes a much clearer process.

I'll help you achieve an outcome that will give you clarity, purpose and energy. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

I can help you get clarity about the life you really want to lead. From here, its simple to find focus, harness your energy and GET OUT OF YOUR RUT and back on track.

So what are you looking for?

what's your point?

'True friends stab you in the front.' Oscar Wilde

think about it...

'I would rather live with a good question than a bad answer'  Aryeh Frimer